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You will find there is a lot of information about debt on the internet however without getting a personalised assessment of your own situation, you won’t be able to get the right solution that suits you.

These articles cover many different aspects of debt and you can search for a particular topic that may be worrying you.  We strongly urge you to read through the available information on our website and others but before you make any decisions, take advantage of the free consultation we offer plus our seventeen years experience helping people to get out of debt.

  • Boutique Debt

    Christie moved from Hyden to Narrogin so that her son could go to a better school.  She purchased a business which operated successfully for the first couple of years. Decrease in Shoppers – Economic Downturn The area where her shop is located has seen a drop in customer traffic.  This......

  • Child Support Dilema

    My wife and I starting fighting and our marriage started to break down around May 2015.  I left my wife and kids in the family home and went out to get some rental accommodation.  I had to get a place that was also suitable for......

  • Contractor Work Flow vs Cash Flow Issues

    I am a Fibreglasser and in the boom years have had plenty of work.  Lately there are still jobs around but they are not consistent.  ALthough I earn good money at times, there are also times where I earn nothing at all and with a......

  • Gambling Gets Life Out of Control

    My relationship with my partner started to break-down when a gambling habit started to take over my life.  Before this I was able to contribute to the family household expenses and everything was ok.  I have to move out of the house and find rental accommodation......

  • Illness – Time Off and Mounting Bills

    In December 2014 I became really ill and was starting to have regular days off work because I felt so weak. Wage Drops – Full Time to Part Time Work was understanding but eventually I was put into a part-time position that was only casual.  My......

  • Maternity Leave Extended – No Pay

    Our financial struggles started not long after my wife left work on Maternity Leave for the birth of our second daughter.  She had not been at the employer for long enough so she was not entitled to Paid Maternity Leave. Our income dropped dramatically down......

  • Medical Nightmare

    Our family has suffered over the last few years with the loss of our still-born daughter in 2012 and then a very difficult pregnancy in 2014 that have made it impossible for my wife to work fulltime. Medical costs have been unexpected and put us......

  • More Tax Woes

    Many small business owners struggle with cash flow and fall behind on paying their tax. Often this covers many years and the debt can escalate with interest and penalties. With our help, it is possible to navigate the ATO’s policies and set up an affordable......

  • Property Dream Bursts

    My partner and I bought a great block and started to build a house in 2009.  We did our research on the area and the builder, and the build commenced.  That was when a series of problems started to develop.  The builder had some financial......

  • Sexually Transmitted Debt

    I was in a relationship with a guy and decided to loan him money for his business that was struggling. For two years he tried to keep the business afloat but unfortunately it failed. Relationship Breakdown Due to the financial and other pressures ultimately our relationship......

  • Trucking Business Downturn

    The term minimalism is also used to describe a trend in design and architecture where in the subject is reduced to its necessary elements. Minimalist design has been highly influenced by Japanese traditional design and architecture. In addition, the work of De Stijl artists is a major source of reference for this kind of work....

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  1. Credit cards, store cards and personal loans are types of unsecured debts. Mortgages and car loans are not.