About Active Debt Specialists

“Bounce back. Get sorted. Move on.”

We bring the relief to bounce back, provide support to get sorted, and the education to move on for individuals and families suffering from debt stress.

Many people in this situation aren’t even aware that they do have options to ease their situation with interest-free repayment plans: we’re here to show you.

Whether you’re a small business owner with difficulties paying suppliers and possibly bankruptcy concerns or a parent with worries about paying bills and supporting your children, we can help you get back on track: just like thousands of other Western Australians we’ve helped since 1998.

Financial difficulties can come from divorce, unemployment, business troubles, sickness or other traumatic events. We don’t judge you – and will listen.

After the divorce, I had nothing and actually considered Bankruptcy but you made it possible for me to pay my way out of debt. Thank you. - Luke Robinson

From our office here in Applecross WA we work with our clients to develop personalised solutions to ease financial worries and to start rebuilding lives with all of their assets, like houses and cars, well-protected by the program.

Our years of experience in debt resolution will help you set the wheels in motion back to financial health – without the high fees that usually accompany this type of service.


Who’s behind Active Debt Specialists?

Jasmyn Mumme is founder, principal, and Senior Debt Strategist here.

Jasmyn became one of the first Debt Agreement Administrators under the Insolvency & Trustee Services of Australia in 1998. She had been a strong advocate for fair treatment of vulnerable debtors for years before then.

Nearly two decades ago, she made a commitment to her father before he passed away that she would use her negotiation skills to help the battlers out there – the little guys that big companies sometimes steamroll over.

And since then, she has been a prominent figure in the industry:

  • Helped to form the original Debt Agreement Practitioners Association of Australia and served as Vice-President
  • Qualified to hold a Debt Agreement Administrators license
  • Presented at the National Bankruptcy Congress in Brisbane (2006) and Sydney (2008)
  • Held Executive Office of the Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Board since 2005
  • She regularly conducts small business seminars and workshops for accountants and financial counsellors.

Our hand-picked team of debt specialists

Working alongside Jasmyn is a carefully selected team of debt specialists: chosen for their compassion and understanding of the nature of financial worries as well as their expertise in successful debt resolution.

This leads to truly personalised affordable solutions aligned with the needs of the individuals that we help.

We want to see you bounce back and be able to work through your financial problem as quickly and easily as possible. You don’t need salespeople – you need caring professionals!

With your permission, after an initial phone call and debt assessment, our team members are trained to take the calls from debt collectors, banks and other creditors who were chasing you for money.

The three pillars of relief, support, and affordable solutions run through every member of our team.

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Don’t let DEBT STRESS overpower your world, we can help!

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  1. Do you have a house or car that needs protection from debt collectors?
  2. Do you have unsecured debts of more than $10,000?
  3. Is your gross income less than $108,000?

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Active Debt Specialists is based in WA, successfully providing debt solutions to individuals and businesses since 1998. We help thousands of Western Australians to resolve their debt, keep their family homes, continue operating small businesses and eliminate financial stress.

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For further assistance we recommend you:

  • Speak to your Creditors
  • Call AFSA on 1300 364 795
  • Speak with a Financial Counsellor
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Please contact us for assistance once you have secured a regular income.

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Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you.

You need to have over $7,000 in unsecured debt to apply.
For further assistance we recommend you:

  • Speak to your Creditors
  • Call AFSA on 1300 364 795
  • Speak with a Financial Counsellor
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  1. Credit cards, store cards and personal loans are types of unsecured debts. Mortgages and car loans are not.