Active Debt Specialists offer a range of debt solutions to individuals and also small business owners. You'll be amazed at what we can achieve on your behalf.

We provide real options when your income has changed dramatically or other events have made it impossible to meet your financial commitments.

We work successfully with parents, partners and friends and provide a way for them to help you avoid stress and the potential illnesses associated with debt and depression.

Our team of knowledgeable and friendly consultants will know the right answer for your situation.

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Debt Consolidation

A simple solution may seem to be to combine or consolidate all of your debts into one with only one repayment to manage. 
You need to know all of your options and the effects consolidating may have on the total amount you will pay over time.


It is often possible for us to arrange a reduced settlement of the debts you owe.
Take the stress out of negotiating with debt collectors, banks or other creditors and let us do the talking.

Debt Agreements

If you are in debt then a Debt Agreement may be a very good solution for you. Not everyone qualifies to do a Debt Agreement and is only one of many solutions depending on your own particular circumstances.
A Debt Agreement is an interest free repayment plan that includes all of your credit cards and unsecured debts plus some other personal debts with affordable repayments based on your actual income and living expenses.


If refinancing your mortgage to pay debts has been suggested to you, it is important that you understand how this would work.  We can refer you to professional mortgage brokers who understand debt and poor credit history and who will work with you to access the best possible finance in your unique situation.


Bankruptcy is basically saying to all of your creditors that you just can’t pay them what you owe and probably never will.  
Bankruptcy does have serious and long lasting consequences and this step should therefore not be taken lightly or without full knowledge of the terms and conditions and the long lasting repercussions involved.

Talk to us about your options.

Credit Card Debt Management

Credit cards are often used by lots of people to get through the tough times such as unemployment or sickness. These cards quickly become maxed out and high interest rates contribute to the debt spiral.  It’s hard to get rid of credit card debt if you’re paying hundreds of dollars a year in personal debt interest.
Find out how you can take back control of your credit cards.

Business Debt

How you deal with business debt depends largely on the legal structure of your business. You might run your business as a Sole Trader, in Partnership with your spouse or someone else or you may have a Company and maybe even a Trust.
There are lots of reasons why you might get to a stage where debt levels become unmanageable. Business activity downturn, accident or illness, loss of contracts, unexpected tax or relationship breakdown to name a few. Let us show you how we helped other business owners and sole traders.

Motor Vehicle Repossession

If you fall behind on secured loans as you are struggling to balance all of your debts during financial difficulties, you may face repossession of your assets. Before your debt situation escalates to repossession of assets, you should find out all of your options on managing debt and avoiding legal recovery action.
Even if you are now caught up in the court process, you can contact us to discuss what you can do to save your assets and establish affordable repayment plans with your unsecured debts so that you can afford to pay your secured debt obligations.

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