Professional Development for Financial Counsellors
Bankruptcy Act Provisions

Professional Development - Financial Counsellors

Professional Development - Financial Counsellors

We receive referrals every day from Financial Counsellors.

  • To save a debtors home from being sold under bankruptcy.
  • To allow a small business owner or contractor to trade on.
  • To freeze legal action that threatens property seizure.
  • To offer another solution when debtor will not accept bankruptcy.
  • To cap the debt, interest-free for one partner of a joint debt (Divorce),
  • Because our track record from past referrals shows positive results.

Workshop Information
Workshop 1 - Saving the Small Business Owner
Workshop - Saving the Small Business

Workshop - Saving the Small Business

AFSA’s statistics show that the proportion of debtors with business related bankruptcies reached record proportions in 2012-13, reaching 25%. People in business often have complicated partnership, company or trust structures and sometimes it’s not all that clear as to exactly which debts are owed by which entity or what the best way to handle it is. Once it is known how do you deal with each component when a result may be dependent on something else. Trustees work for the creditors to get the best possible return for them. Liquidating a company doesn’t necessarily give the best result for a company director. People need solutions that will deal with the whole problem and not just parts of it. Tax office can be a big creditor. A Debt Agreement can include tax debt and allow a business or trades person to keep running their business and keep the assets they need to do that.

Debt Agreements (Part IX) can be the solution or part of the solution. Personal Insolvency Arrangements (Part X) can be the same and sometimes bankruptcy for one of the parties (or both) is part of the solution.

Find out how to recognize what the next step is so you can give positive informed advice to your clients that covers all options.

Workshop 2 - Keeping the Family Home
Workshop - Keeping the Family Home

Workshop - Keeping the Family Home

The equity in a debtor’s house is available to creditors if they file for bankruptcy. This is even more complex if only one partner of a jointly owned house is insolvent. A Debt Agreement will allow the debtor to keep their home if they can make affordable interest-free repayments to their unsecured creditors. Keeping the home is important as it is very difficult for people to recover from bankruptcy and purchase a house in the future. With information obtained from this Workshop, financial counsellors will be better equipped to assess this option.

Workshop 3 - Tax Debt Recovery
Tax Debt Recovery

Tax Debt Recovery

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About the Presenter

Jasmyn Mumme – Principal and Senior Debt Strategist

In 1998, Jasmyn became one of the first Debt Agreement Administrators under the Insolvency & Trustee Services of Australia.

Advocate for Fair Treatment

Her vocal concerns about the early industry patterns that developed from the loosely drafted Bankruptcy legislation in December 1996, resulted in Jasmyn becoming an advocate for the fair treatment of vulnerable debtors many of whom were being squeezed into inappropriate debt agreements. She was involved in consultations which influenced the drafting of new 2007 legislation to tighten the regulations that governed the fast-growing Debt Agreement industry and introduced the requirement for the licensing of Administrators.

Industry Leadership

Jasmyn was instrumental in the formation and was Vice-President of the original Debt Agreement Practitioners Association of Australia.  Active Debt Specialists is a practicing member of the new association, the Personal Insolvency Practitioners Association

  • In 2007 she qualified under the resultant legislation to hold a Debt Agreement Administrators license after verbal examination and completion of a Certificate IV in Financial Services (Accounting). She was a Presenter at the National Bankruptcy Congress in Brisbane in 2006 and Sydney in 2008 on the subject of “Dealing with Debt”.
  • A member of the National Board of President of Business & Professional Women Australia since 2001. This organisation has economic security for women as its fundamental aim.
  • Held Executive Office of the Belmont Business Enterprise Centre and TCF WA Boards since 2005.

Presenter Skills

She regularly conducts small business seminars, e-commerce webinars and ‘Understanding Debt Agreements‘ industry workshops for accountants and financial counsellors.


Jasmyn is the Principal and Senior Debt Strategist for Active Debt Specialists, a debt solutions company providing debt negotiation and mediation services to small business and individuals.
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  1. Credit cards, store cards and personal loans are types of unsecured debts. Mortgages and car loans are not.